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There are times in life when a person is not looking for an expert opinion for their needs, but instead the time to talk with someone who has walked the walk.   A true authentic opinion and representation of what it means to persevere, to live with strength, give unconditional grace and model constant growth.  Mandi Tapscott is that person, she is a coach who lives as deeply as she coaches. 

Within my first few sessions of working with Mandi, it was clear to me that Love Real Talk was exactly what I was going to get. Her compassion and love of Jesus is the foundation of which Mandi stands on. She coaches in pure vulnerability but with a respectful directness that helps me to “get out of my head” every time. I appreciate Mandi’s gentle nature but true grit of experience from the road she has traveled before me. There is no doubt that Mandi knows trials and tribulations from her journey, there is no doubt that her faith has lighted her path to daily growth and there is no doubt that she is guided as a woman of God who speaks a gentle truth in walking side by side with you as you grow.

Mandi has confirmed for me that the power of being heard and validated is one of the greatest gifts a coach can give their client to progress forward on their personal journey.  If you need a “real” place to fall, get loved and get back up with grit and grace, Mandi is the only coach you need. 

— Audra

Mandi you are a sweetheart and I’ve enjoyed talking with you over the years .

You are kind and have always been available whenever I am in need. You have a large heart and have shared that in many ways.

I believe your mission has come to light and I hope and pray for God’s guidance in your heart and through your words. Bless you.

— Cindy

Mandi has been there throughout many pivotal times of my life.  Not only supportive, but extremely motivating and accountable.  She’s a dependable, loyal person who is around for all of the right reasons.  Whether she is helping guide me through personal situations, or business advice, I know that I am in good hands and helped without judgment.  I find her incredibly inspiring, in which I believe motivated me and helped to find the confidence I needed to become the business woman that I am.  I am forever grateful for all she has done, and for her lifelong encouragement. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to make a dream into a reality or change their life for the better.

— Lindsay

I have spoke with Mandi about anything from my health to my relationships.
I immediately feel at ease with her and have a sense of confidence in her wisdom.
She asks the right questions to get to the root of what’s going on helping me realize important factors that lead to great clarity and a huge sense of relief.
She is my “go to girl” for guidance and support. I come away from my sessions with her feeling stronger and more motivated.

— Janice

You give the best advice and you always talk me through whatever it is.   Our sessions together always brought insight and clarity.  I’m comfortable asking questions without fear of judgement.

And Mandi, you are always right! Thank you for that!!

— Janet

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